The Ronin Institute is a group of scholars that are trying something different.  Recognizing that one need not work at a university to contribute to knowledge, scholars of the Ronin Institute will be conducting research independently, as they find time in between life's activities (e.g., kids, hobbies, other jobs).  This is a timely endeavor as many more PhDs are being obtained than faculty positions are available.  And for many of us, university jobs are becoming less attractive as hours increase and funding decreases, or are unable to accommodate "the two body problem".

However research (usually) takes money, and one thing a university can provide is the infrastructure to apply for grants from the government or private foundations.  But luckily the founder of Ronin has worked tirelessly to obtain 501c3 status, which means that contributions to Ronin are tax-deductible.  So please, in the name of independent research scholarship, please contribute!